How to Build Your Glutes at Home | Tips for Ultimate Growth

How to Build Your Glutes at Home | Tips for Ultimate Growth

Want the body of your favorite Instagram model? Ripped abs and bigger glutes!  

What if I tell you that you don’t need to stress hard and sweat in the gym to build your glutes? Instead, you can get that body of your dreams within the comfort of your home!

Keep reading to unveil the top 6 tips to build glutes at home.

Top 6 Tips to Build Your Glutes

1.   Eat Enough Protein and Carbs

Carbs help you save protein stores and utilize glucose as the primary energy source while you work your glutes. While proteins aid in muscle hypertrophy after a workout that promotes building bigger glutes.

Hence, prioritize eating proteins, especially before and after a workout, to help in optimal muscle recovery.

2.   Lift Heavy and Don’t Be Scared Of Weights

Can you lift weights without becoming bulky?

Yes! Because men and women have different hormone profiles that induce different results in their bodies. This means that in women, weight lifting won’t have the same bulking effect as it would have on men.

In fact, weight lifting helps increase muscle strength and bone density, and squats with weights also aid in building glutes.

3.   Use Mind-Muscle Connection

Perform your workout while actively engaging your glutes using the mind-muscle connection. The MMC enables you to target the exact muscles you want to work on.

4.   Vary Feet Placement

Whether performing a leg press or a squat, your foot placement is crucial to maximizing your work performance. Varying feet placement enables you for optimal performance and lowers the chance of injury.

5.   Vary Reps and Weight

Varying reps and weights deliver positive effects and improve muscular adaptations. For instance, increasing weights and decreasing reps for bigger glutes helps increase muscle size and strength.

6.   Keep Weight in Your Heels

Adding a plate or weight under your feet while squatting allows your body’s center of balance to shift back and help your hips sink deeper while keeping an upright torso.

The Final Takeaway!

Start small and follow these tips one by one. Don’t rush for results because slow and steady wins the race!