About me

I am Joana

Hello, beautiful and amazing people,

I am Joana, 34 years old, mother of two incredible children, certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor and my GREATEST passion is helping moms and busy women to live a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle

This is my story of becoming fit and healthy. I’ve never been a sporty or skinny girl in my school years, although I have never been plump or fat either. I was just a normal girl who didn’t like her body and who never felt comfortable in her skin. In that time my weight varied by about 2-3 kilos, and I relied on my youth to stay fit and healthy.

But with my first pregnancy, I gained more than 25 kilos (yes, I was really big)! Since I really hate dieting and restricting calories, my only choice left was exercising. I was very motivated to fit in my old clothes and I’ve started exercising at home while my baby was taking his afternoon nap.

A mother of two incredible children
I am Joana

One month later the magic happened, I saw the first results of shaping my body and I completely felt in love with the whole process of taking care of myself. The wheel has started spinning. I have started making better food choices, trying different types of exercising, researching and educating myself.

Just a few months later I was looking so much better and fitter than ever before. But that wasn’t even the best part - I just felt more alive, strong, energized and happy than ever.

And then I got pregnant again but I have never stopped exercising, reading, researching and educating myself. My second motherhood was so much different experience, because of all knowledge I’d already had and because of my new understanding of healthy existence.

Now 8 years later, I’m a successful certified personal trainer and Pilates teacher, whose only passion and purpose is helping, motivating and supporting other women to change their lives for good.

Truly Yours,
Joana V